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About terminal

Ekoenergija is a modern excise oil terminal, located near the main transport arteries in Vilnius. We are in Lithuanian market since 2005, from 2010 we also supply fuel to Polish market. In 2013 and 2014 our company has received a prestigious “Gazelle” award established by “Verslo Žinios”.
We have a young, energetic and friendly personnel, and we can offer a flexible and effective terminal services.

Terminal services

Unloading railroad tank cars

Fast and efficient unloading of tank cars. We can simultaneously unload up to 8 tank cars in just 2 hours’ time.


We can store up to 6000 m3 of gasoline, diesel fuel or other liquids in our four over ground 1000 m3 and 2000m 3 capacity containers.

Loading tank trucks

Tank trucks’ loading unit is equipped with a modern computerized fuel issuing system, allowing to load up to 20 000 tons of fuel per month.
We have two bottom loading stations with capacity of 2400 liters per minute and top loading station with capacity of 1500 liters per minute. Air pollution is controlled by the vapor collection and recovery system.

We also provide

Multifunctional additives

While loading tank trucks we can add very accurate doses of up to 6 different multifunctional additives and fuel dyes.


Truck parking

The terminal offers free parking for tank trucks, it has a recreational area for drivers.

24/7 security

Terminal is surrounded by protective fence, equipped with video surveillance system, there is a security man and dogs on duty 24 hours a day.

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